Operating out of London, EVR is a rapidly expanding consultancy and solutions provider in recovering VAT expenses on behalf of our clients. We take on the burden of intensive and time-consuming procedural formalities, allowing you to focus on business while we obtain the refunds to which you are eligible.

EVR is driven by client needs and has nurtured an innovative service culture based on efficiency, results in optimisation and client satisfaction. We work hard for you, understanding that our business success is wholly dependent on delivering results, and have developed a reputation for exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Being results-conscious, we do not charge any upfront fees but will deduct a small percentage of your VAT refund after it has been paid by the European tax authorities. This means that in the unlikely event that a refund is not approved, there will be nothing for you to pay.

There are no hidden charges such as “documentation” or “set-up fees”, and we work with you in a transparent and straightforward manner. You register once only and provide us with the relevant invoices and we’ll take care of everything else for you, submitting your application to the Tax authority in the required format and liaising with them as necessary. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process until the refund hits your account.

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